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5 things you never knew about laser hair removal

5 things you never knew about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can be a powerful, effective and long-lasting way to remove or permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. Many people rely on shaving, waxing, depilatories and other methods to remove hair, but these can be painful, time-consuming and unpleasant. People can find a real solution to unwanted hair with laser hair removal, and there’s a lot to this beautifying technology that you may not already know. 

1. Laser Hair Removal Is More Comfortable Than You Think

Many people hold back from exploring the potential of laser hair removal because they are concerned that it could be painful, unpleasant and difficult. However, in reality, the process is far less painful than many of the most popular hair removal methods, like waxing or plucking. You’ll feel tiny prickles on your skin, and the sensitivity can be adjusted in order to improve your skin’s tolerance. 

2. It’s Not a One-Time Process

Laser hair removal involves a series of treatments. While you’ll begin to see a significant reduction in unwanted hair after your first laser treatment, a full set of treatments is needed to produce the maximum results. In general, around six to eight sessions are enough to get great results that last over the years. 

3. You Can Afford Laser Hair Removal

Some may think that laser hair removal is extremely expensive and out of reach of the majority of people, especially because the procedure was much more costly when it was first developed. Now, laser hair removal is far more accessible – and more successful – than it ever was in the past. Our medical spa clinic offers a number of treatment packages that can help you eliminated unwanted hair, with pricing that reflects the area of hair that you wish to remove. 

4. Laser Hair Removal is Quick

While you’ll have a series of appointments to achieve the best possible results, each appointment reflects a quick procedure. You can come in for a treatment that lasts only from about 10 to 30 minutes, and each procedure will be scheduled over a period of four to six weeks for true, long-lasting results. With these swift appointments, you can remove hair over your lunch break or at any time of day. 

5. The Color and Shape of Your Hair Matters

When you visit our medical spa, our trained clinicians will review the effectiveness of laser hair removal for your hair and skin type. While this procedure traditionally works most effectively and quickly on dark hair on light skin, newer technologies have enhanced its performance for darker skin and blonde hair. 

Contact us today to learn more about laser hair removal and how this technology can help you find freedom from unwanted hair.

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