Everything you should know about Laser Tattoo removal

Many people have decided on tattoos over the years in order to express a sentiment, show off art they enjoy or memorialize a relationship. While many are thrilled with the results of their tattoo procedures, others may wish to remove tattoos that no longer reflect their current interests, identities or relationships. With a tattoo, a decision made at a young age can remain on the body permanently. However, laser tattoo removal can provide a means for you to remove an unwanted tattoo and show off fresh, new skin. 

In the past, tattoo removal was far more difficult. Dangerous and harsh chemical formulations were applied that could be painful and skin-damaging. However, modern laser tattoo removal technology can allow people to remove unwanted tattoos permanently and without harsh treatments. Our medical spa clinic can make laser tattoo removal NYC more accessible and affordable than ever before. With this procedure, you can feel pride in showing off your body once more. 

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal NYC Work?

Tattoo pigment can be removed with lasers because the energy in the beams of light can break up the pigments into small particles. With pulses of the laser, the light is directed into the tattoo ink, with specialized wavelengths to address specific colors and pigments. Using a laser to remove a tattoo can essentially break it up into tiny, microscopic particles. The body’s own immune system will then complete the process of removing the tattoo entirely. 

What Type of Laser Is Used to Remove Tattoos?

There are several different types of lasers that can be used to produce the most effective tattoo removal results. The choice of laser technology can be related to the color and pigmentation of your tattoo and your skin, and your clinician will advise you about the most effective choice to remove your tattoos. Some of the most effective and widely-used lasers include Q-switched nanosecond lasers and Picosure lasers, which emit extremely short pulses of light in order to break down tattoo ink particles. 

What Is the Procedure Like?

Many patients say that having a tattoo removed is far less painful than the original tattooing process. Laser pulses produce a slight stinging sensation on the skin as the laser wavelengths break down the pigmentation into tiny fragments. By using specific wavelengths, your clinician can target the precise pigments in your tattoo to remove all of the colors involved. The body’s lymph system works to remove the broken-down tattoo ink from the body as part of a natural immune process. A series of treatments is generally necessary in order to fully eliminate the tattoo. 

With today’s laser tattoo removal technologies, you can rid yourself of unwanted tattoos and restore the appearance of your skin. Our clinicians will advise you about the treatment process for your specific tattoo based on its location, color and size.

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