Why Microneedling Is the Next Big Thing in Skin Care

Can’t Take the Heat? Consider Microneedling!
The word “needle” tends to make many people flinch, especially when the context is that a needle is being poked into someone’s face. At first, microneedling might seem like a pretty terrifying procedure, but, in actuality, it is far less frightening than one might think.

If you Google the term, you can find locations nationwide that perform microneedling. Try “microneedling nyc” and see what you get. The results continue on for pages. So what is with the microneedling trend? What is involved? Is it less expensive than other procedures? Less invasive?

To save you, dear reader, some time and effort, the answers are thus:

Microneedling has been around for decades and is a procedure in which holes are poked into the skin using a rolling brush with tiny needles attached to it. It has been used to treat facial scars, and celebrities like Naomi Watts have it performed by reputable dermatologists in order to have flawless-looking skin. Many dermatologists who perform microneedling claim that the puncturing of holes in the skin allows topically-applied serums they give their clients to work exponentially better since the skin is more able to absorb anything applied to it.

While the procedure is pretty painless, it does take about half an hour, and it is recommended that you have the procedure done multiple times (somewhere generally between three and six times) in order to maximize results. Although the cost per microneedling can hover somewhere in the $300 range, it is best to try searching (like with microneedling nyc) for dermatologists near you who offer competitive pricing options and have stellar ratings.

It should be noted that this procedure should not be tried at home since there is a small risk of infection that comes with the territory of puncturing needles into the skin. However, as testimonies from everyday women show, microneedling works at reversing the damage that occurs to our facial skin over the years. If you’re ready to say good-bye to acne and accident scars, why not give microneedling some consideration? Others have over the last few decades and continue to swear by it. To use a needle-related pun, it’s worth a shot!


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