The laser hair removal process

NYC Laser Hair Removal

It’s not that there aren’t other ways to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body, the only problem is none have the same long lasting effects of NYC laser hair removal. The alternatives to permanent removal are shaving which is certainly quick, but the result is unsightly stubble the next day and waxing which is painful and can be quite expensive when you compute cost over a period of time. Hair that is removed by waxing or by using depilatories comes back and although the results last longer than shaving, you still have to repeat the process.

Laser hair removal is not a “one-shot” procedure, for it to work effectively the treatments must be given over a period of time. Hair does not all grow at once; it grows in a staggered pattern. While some hair is just growing in, others have grown in and sit in the follicle and others are falling out. This is a continuous process, the hair shifts from one phase to the next every few months; this is why a single laser treatment will not eliminate all the unwanted hair.

The best combination of hair and skin is light skin and dark hair, but it must be noted that improvements in the available technology are making it possible to deal with dark hair and dark skin, the same is true for people with light hair and light skin. It is the contrast between the darker hair and lighter skin that makes it possible to target the laser exactly where it is needed.

When NYC laser hair removal first became a possibility, the treatments were very expensive. Just like everything else, the prices eventually come down as more and more people opt for the treatment.

Although the side effects of laser hair removal are limited, the process is not entirely pain-free. The laser heats the skin; it must do this in order to penetrate to the target which is the hair follicle. The only discomfort may be a sensation of a slight “sun burn” for a day or two after the treatment but rarely anything more. For people who opt for NYC laser hair removal, it is a price well worth paying; a couple of days of discomfort for months of smooth skin are well worth it, those who do undergo treatment are often delighted with the results.