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Regular Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage technique uses long glides, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, and gentle stretching. It promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension, improves circulation and flexibility, and can help reduce stress.

Sports Massage

Tailored for athletes and active individuals, this treatment targets overused and stressed areas of the body. Helps to prepare for, or recover from, athletic activity. It can reduce muscle stiffness, enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, and accelerate recovery from workouts.

90 Minute Massage

This refers more to the duration rather than a specific technique. However, a longer session allows for more time to address various muscular issues and achieve deeper relaxation. Allows the therapist to work in depth on specific areas, provides comprehensive relaxation and stress relief, and can result in a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

Hot stone

This massage technique uses heated stones that are placed on specific sites on the body or used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to deliver heat into the muscles. It relieves muscle stiffness, eases tension, and increases circulation. The therapist can work more deeply when the heat relaxes tight muscles.


Buccal Massage

A facial massage technique performed inside the mouth, primarily targeting muscles and fascia of the face. Can help release tension in the face, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles, promoting better circulation, and helping with TMJ disorders. Some claim it gives a sculpted appearance to the face.

Wood Therapy (Maderoterapia)

Originated in Colombia, this technique utilizes wooden tools to manipulate and stimulate the muscles and adipose tissue. Aids in breaking down stubborn fat and cellulite, improves blood circulation, and activates lymphatics.

Prenatal Massage

Specifically tailored for pregnant women, addressing the unique needs and changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Provides relaxation, reduces stress, alleviates swollen areas, reduces muscle pain and tension, and can improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

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