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Carbon Laser Peel (Hollywood Facial): Everything you need to Know

Carbon Laser Peel (Hollywood Facial): Everything you need to Know

One of the newest and latest skin treatments celebrities are loving is the Hollywood Facial. If your goal is to have smoother, younger looking skin then look no further. This popular carbon laser peel more popularly known as the hollywood facial is a specialized laser treatment that can be used to correct a number of skin issues. 

The carbon laser peel (Hollywood facial) can reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars, even out skin tone, improve skin tone, help repair sun damage, and help treat enlarged pores and acne.

Why is the Carbon Laser Peel called a Hollywood Facial?

The carbon laser peel got the name ‘hollywood facial’ because a lot of celebrities and other well-known stars tend to book this treatment right before big red-carpet events. It’s the perfect treatment to have right before a special event like a wedding or prom. 

How do Hollywood stars, models, and media personalities keep their skin glowing and unblemished year after year? This and many of our other laser skin treatments can leave you looking and feeling your best following the procedure. With this treatment, you’ll benefit from a procedure that has given many of our patients the results they want, through a safe procedure.

This 30-minute procedure is one of the most immediate ways to refresh your skin with zero downtime. It’s perfect for a photoshoot, a star-studded event, or for your daily life.

What is the Carbon Laser Peel Treatment like?

The carbon laser peel (hollywood facial) works by using laser energy and a special Spectra lotion to heat the dermis and remove the top layer of dead skin. There are three parts to this treatment:

  1. A back carbon solution is applied to the skin.
  2. Laser energy heats the carbon to help it penetrate the skin.
  3. Another laser energy setting is applied which explodes the carbon particles which in turn exfoliates the skin.

Your skin will be cleaned upon arrival. You will be given metal goggles to protect your eyes during the treatment. The majority of our patients report no pain at all. For most clients the laser passes feel only like a pin prick, so the treatment is only mildly painful or uncomfortable. You may hear some snapping sounds as the laser moves across the surface of your skin, and you may feel some warmth or mild tingling. The procedure is comfortable and doesn’t require a topical anesthetic. 

The carbon laser peel is a fast & comfortable way to refresh your skin with no downtime and suitable for most skin types. The results achieved after one session are brighter skin tone, reduction of pigments and reduction of fine lines.

The most common reasons that patients choose to do the carbon laser peel (Hollywood facial) is because it is safe, easy, very effective and the treatment does not take a lot of time. The treatment is mainly done to the face but it can treat almost any part of the body including the back and chest.

The carbon laser peel can also be combined with several other skin treatments like Botox, RF microneedling, PRP therapy and chemical peels.

The carbon laser facial Also known as a Hollywood peel – this gentle procedure is safe on all skin types. It is a great way to get a quick skin refresher without the longer downtime associated with other laser procedures. It evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of pigment, fine lines, and acne scars.

How long is the Carbon Laser Treatment?

The treatment usually lasts around 30 to 45 minutes and on average you’d want 4-6 weeks of a gap between procedures. It’s a completely non-invasive treatment and has absolutely no side effects.

Am I a good candidate for the Carbon Laser Peel?

The carbon laser peel corrects uneven skin pigmentation and improves the appearance of pores, acne and scars. It’s mildly exfoliating, so you’re left with a softer, smoother skin texture, resulting in a glowing, more radiant appearance. If these sound like what you’re looking for then yes, you’d be a great candidate for the carbon laser peel (Hollywood facial). It’s mainly used to address blackheads, open pores and excess oil, this painless procedure delivers immediate benefits with lasting results.

The carbon laser facial or Hollywood peel is a fast and painless treatment done to help improve the look of skin. It’s used primarily by people with oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores. This treatment is also beneficial if you’re starting to see the effects of sun damage to your skin.

If you’re looking for a skin resurfacing treatment to diminish imperfections, tighten pores and eliminate impurities on the face such as blackheads while simultaneously plumping and tightening the skin, the Carbon laser facial treatment could be the answer.

Our Carbon Laser Peel treatment here at Manhattan Laser Spa offers incredible results in just 20 minutes and It’s suitable for all skin types. You can expect refreshed, exfoliated skin that is softer, smoother, and more firm! 

What Side Effects Can I expect from a Carbon Laser Peel?

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Dry skin and flakiness
  • Itching

These side effects generally subside within 2-3 days. You may only experience slight redness as well as some tingling post treatment, but this is short-lived.

When will I see Results from the Carbon Laser Peel Treatment?

Hollywood Carbon Peels work well for many people. Once the treatment is done you can expect shimmering, younger looking skin with smaller pores and an improved skin tone. You typically will notice improvement right after treatment but you’ll experience significant improvement seven days to one month after treatment. 

Results are not permanent so you definitely want to book a maintenance treatment to get the best results. 

In this Carbon Laser Facial Review our client shares his experience getting the carbon peel for the first time. The Carbon laser facial is a two part treatment that instantly reduces skin concerns such as acne, bacne and pigmentation, and leaves the skin visibly brighter, clearer and smoother. 

The Carbon Laser Facial is a fast and painless procedure done to help improve the look of skin. Carbon Laser Facial peels deeply exfoliate skin. They also help stimulate collagen production.

It’s used primarily by people with oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores. This treatment is also beneficial if you’re starting to see the effects of sun damage to your skin.

Carbon Laser Facial peels take approximately 30 minutes, and the effects are noticeable straight away. You’ll see an instant brightening of your skin.

The Carbon Laser Facial peels are used to treat:

  • acne
  • acne pigmentation
  • acne scarring
  • enlarged and clogged pores
  • melasma
  • photo-aging
  • fine lines and wrinkles

Carbon Laser Facials are typically very effective for improving the look of oily skin and large pores as you can see in this Carbon Laser Facial review. If you have severe acne or acne scarring, it may take several treatments before you see full results. Fine lines and wrinkles should also be visibly diminished after one or more treatments.

How much does a Carbon Laser Peel cost?

Consultations at Manhattan Laser Spa are free of charge, it’s a short one on one with the laser technician to see if you are suitable for treatment. 

Carbon laser facial costs around $200+ per session. You need to get 2-3 sessions within two months and take proper care of your skin for the rest of the year. Consult with our team to know how many sessions you would need best on the condition of your skin and the goals you’d like to achieve.

Carbon? Definitely Worth It!

That ‘Hollywood glow’ is not just for the rich and famous, here at Manhattan Laser Spa you two can achieve a red-carpet glow with our popular carbon laser facial treatment with no pain and no downtime, just instant results. 

The Carbon Laser Facial Peel is rapidly becoming one of our most in-demand treatments and it’s honestly easy to see why. It’s quick, super effective and pretty affordable considering how amazing your skin looks post treatment. 

It’s great for all ages and all skin types while treating a variety of skin concerns like tightening the pores, reducing their size and improving the snake’s texture and tone while deep cleansing those pores! 

So if you happen to be in New York City, visit one of our three locations to get the carbon laser facial.

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