PRP Injections (Vampire Facelift)




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One of the best skin care treatments on the market is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Platelets and plasma are components of the blood that are extracted from a blood sample by placing it in a spinning centrifuge, which works to separate the platelets and plasma out of the blood. The growth factors stimulate stem cells that are present in the skin, thereby forcing them to generate new, younger-looking skin. The newly stimulated stem cells increase collagen production, and they can lead to the development of new fatty tissue. By tricking the face into generating younger tissue, the Vampire Facial leads to an unprecedented regenerative effect.
It enhances the tone, color, and texture of the skin, and it requires less downtime than comparable surgical procedures.

The most popular uses of PRP include:

Improving skin texture
Adding volume to the face, hands, and neck
Treating fine lines and wrinkles around and below the eyes
Plumping up under eye grooves
Minimizing wrinkles and lines around the mouth
Eliminating acne scars and stretch marks