How to get your skin ready for summer

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Summer is almost upon us! It is the season of barbecues, beach trips, pickup basketball games and exposed skin. No doubt you’re ready for everything else summer entails, but are you ready to bare more skin? If not, use these tips to get your skin ready to come out and play.


Shed dried, dull winter skin by exfoliating. There are many microdermabrasion body scrubs on the market today and most work well. Just lather them onto a washcloth, loofah or bath poof and wash your whole body in the shower using a circular motion. Don’t exfoliate more than once a day and be gentle when washing as it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Keep up with your exfoliating routine all summer to keep your skin silky smooth.


Moisturize. When you’ve done that, moisturize some more. Winter robs your skin of vital moisture and you’ll need to work at putting it back. Use a cream moisturizer every time you get out of the shower and apply a light, noncomedogenic (non pore-clogging) moisturizer all over a few times a day. Choose a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher to protect your skin while you moisturize, especially if you’ve just exfoliated.

Deal With Unwanted Hair

Whether you’re tired of shaving your legs constantly to keep up with stubble or are a man embarrassed by back hairs, consider laser hair removal Brooklyn. During this painless procedure, laser light is directed at each hair follicle to kill the hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser hair removal Brooklyn lasts longer than shaving, drastically reduces the number of hairs that grow back and results in permanent hair removal for many people. Spend your summer having fun rather than hiding in the shower with your razor.

Switch Your Skincare

Summer sweat can cause your pores to clog and leave your skin feeling more oily and uncomfortable. Adjust your skincare products accordingly, switching to a foaming face wash for superior dirt and oil removal. If you tend to breakout more in the summer, treat your face, back and other problem areas with a salicylic-acid toner to keep your pores open and unclogged. Look for cleansers and moisturizers with vitamin C, vitamin E or green tea as these antioxidants will help protect your skin from pollution and sun damage.